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coolmoviez - download Dear Zindagi full movie in 720p free

Now Download Dear Zindagi Original Full movie in HD - coolmoviez

coolmoviez - download Dear Zindagi full movie in 720p free
coolmoviez - download Dear Zindagi full movie(cradite: Boxofficecollection)

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Rating by professional

 Rate: 7.6 / 10 IMDb

 Earning: 140 core.

About this movie in sort

In this entire film, the man character is Sahrukhan and the heroine is Karira (Alia Bhatt).  In this, Alia is a modern girl, as Vesa does.  She stays with the person she wants to be with and talks with the person she wants to talk to.

In this, srk is a doctor and he meets Alia.  They treat the heroine during which both of them fall in love.

Just because of that love, both of their gingys change and they both start living their lives with great love.  Hence the name of this movie was Dear jindagi.

Advantage: Through this we have been taught to live together and in any serious situation we should be normal.

Disadvantages: It has no disadvantages, but A film could have been much shorter but it has been made longer.

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Some questions and answers asked by its fans.

Question 1: this movie flop or hit?

Answer: There is no question that A film is a hit.  The film which has Saharukhan in it may be a flop.

Question 2 : can we watch A movie on Amjon Prime?

Answer: Yes, a film is available on all platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix and YouTube.

Question 3: what is meaning of jindagi?

Answer: It means 'life'.

Question 4: What is Alia Bhatt's name in it?

Answer: Alia Bhatt name is Karira.

Question 5: A film made on real story?

Answer: Yes, A is based on a true story and only the character name has been changed

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