why is my playstation failing to obtain ip address

how to fix cannot obtain ip address on PlayStation error

why is my playstation failing to obtain ip address
why is my playstation failing to obtain ip address

Here we will find some method to fix PlayStation ip address obtain error and get right tecnic to solve all PS4 problem.

Hey you know this is Time from your shape students today in the soothing I'm gonna show you how to fix they cannot obtain IP address air on your PlayStation 4.

so this air is three three nine eight four seven let's go ahead and jump into the post right now.

So when it comes to up fixing problems it's best to start with the easiest the most obvious and work your way to the more advanced problems so the first thing we should do is make sure that the playstation network is up and running so to do this on your playstation 4 go up to the top bar and then scroll all the way to the right to settings.

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then scroll all the way down to network and select this option then go to view status of playstation network and here a webpage is going to load and it's going to tell you what's working on PlayStation Network and if it's down so right now everything is up and running if PlayStation Network was down you may not be able to login or use these services on here and that's why you're getting this air so PlayStation is up and running.

let's go on to step number two let's go ahead and back out of this venue so let's go to setup internet connection it's like this and if you're using the LAN cable go ahead and try using Wi-Fi and if you're using Wi-Fi go ahead and try using land I've had problems in the past where my land cable just doesn't work but my Wi-Fi doesn't and I was able to circumvent this problem so let's go ahead and just set up my Wi-Fi right now and go to custom and I want to make sure everything is on automatic just in case my PlayStation 4 has a static IP I want it to be a dynamic IP.

so I have mr. beast selected right here let's go ahead and select this and I'm gonna set my IP address settings to automatic do not specify for my DHCP host name DNS server I'm gonna set that to automatic however if you want to go to manual and then put in a primary DNS as press aren't.

you done then go to the secondary DNS and put an this will be Google's open DNS server for the public use and it may be a little bit quicker and closer then your service providers DNS server so let's go ahead and go to our tune done and go to next MTU settings automatic proxy server do not use and we can go ahead and test the interconnection from here and see if this fixes your prom you're able to connect a playstation network and everything is working.

playstation failing to obtain ip address
playstation failing to obtain ip address

so the next thing I want to go ahead and try is clearing the cache from the PlayStation 4 and your router and modem and seeing if that is the problem that's causing your playstation 4 from not obtaining an IP address.

So right now let's go ahead and hold down the PlayStation button on the controller go down to power and then go to turn off don't go to up enter rest mode just go to turn off so there's no light showing on the from the PlayStation 4 so what's your playstation 4 is completely turned off mine is still blinking just a little bit.

Fix PS4 error

Let's go ahead and unplug it from the back of the PlayStation 4 and just take out the power cable right here and just leave that unplugged here for a while here once we get our modem and our router unplugged we're gonna wait about thirty Seconds to a minute and then plug it back in so my router and modem is a single unit you may have two separate devices for yours one will be your modem and one will be your router but I like having them together because it's just a lot more convenient for myself here I have limited space so let's go to the back of it and I'll plug it here and then we're gonna go ahead and wait about 30 seconds now if you aren't having problems what you can do is leave it unplugged for 15 minutes to 20 minutes sometimes you may be having a problem with the IP address on your Playstation 4 or maybe your PlayStation 4s IP address is even banned so you want to go ahead and try to get your modem to prompt you a new IP address and you can do that by leaving your router and modem unplugged for a long period of time.

So once we have waited let's go ahead and plug it back in so let's plug in and secure it and make sure all these cables on the back of it are secured and working as well sometimes they may be pulling up and coming out and do the same thing on the back here of PlayStation 4 right here if you are using the LAN cable and another thing is if you have one of the newer PlayStation 4 is like the PlayStation 4 or the PlayStation 4 slim you aren't able to connect to 5g for the Wi-Fi go ahead and try using just the standard 3G connection for the Wi-Fi that may help you in this situation.

you may have to reset your router and modem to fix any issues you're having so hopefully one of those tips did indeed help you out and you're able to connect back to PlayStation Network and your IP address is finally working.

So if this article did indeed help y'all go ahead and leave a comment.

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