5 step to win every time in Teen Patti Game

How do I win every time in Teen Patti Game?

How do I win every time in Teen Patti Game?
How do I win every time in Teen Patti Game?
If you use our 3 Patti trick, you will soon be able to easily reach 1 crore to 1000 crore and you will win every time in this game.

If you know correctly about the algorithm and luck of Teen Patti game, then you will reach 1cr. up to 1000 crores in just 2 days.

5 sicret tips and tricks

1.Don't play first game blind

Play blind only when you have .
good luck.

  • If you are a regular player of this online game, then you will know that if your luck does not work then you can add any number of blind and how many times you are playing in blind,you not win.

If you like to playing blind then you should know when to put blind and when not.

2. When should we see the card so that the chances of you getting good card increase.

how to get good card
how to get good card

  • Always see your cards only after a little time.

It has been seen that if you see the card after spending a little time, then you get better cards than the player in front.

You would say that it is not work.

Doing this increases the time value of your card, so the teen patti crawler gives you signle to getting better cards so that you don't leave the game and go away.

3. If you are losing in your starting game then you do not play blind.

Wait a while, play slow.

When you feel that now my luck is working, we are winning, then only put the blind.

4.Play more when luck start

 If you are constantly winning, then you play blind.

Blind played till the end.

You will win 100% due to luck.

5. Do not play blind when your luck is not strong, play 15-20 minutes peacefully.

 If you try to do good luck, no matter how much you try, you will lose.

6 simple tricks to get good card I teen Patti

simple tricks to get good card I teen Patti
simple tricks to get good card I teen Patti

 How to get good card

1.Don't paly with who win already

Won in octra card
Won in octra card

 Do not play with players who are already winning.

 His luck is going well.

2.Always played with a lost player because he is not playing well.

So you beat the loser more.

3.Lowe level

player leave gold
player leave gold

You always play by keeping your player level low.

Because of low player level, the chances of getting good cards increase.

4.Give tip

Give more tip

give tip in octra
give tip in octra
Only you will get benefit from this.

  • Know,When people give tip, when they win games or have good cards.

This will signal the 3 Patti algorithm that your luck is going on, and give you a good card.

5.Transfer chips in 3 Patti

 If you have any other phone then you can use this trick.

You opened the game in both your mobiles.

Create a private table.

Make the account you have as much as you want in the private table.

By doing Esha, your luck is strong, Esha signal will go to the game guys.

 So that they will give you good cards in other games.

6.Swich table

switch table
switch table
If your song is not coming, keep switching your table again and again.

Play on the table where your luck is good.

Bonus : play with Facebook account

Never play in a guest account.

It is only for training. It reduces your luck.

Play with your Facebook account.

If you use all the above secret tips and tricks correctly, then you can have your Teen Patti Gold or Octra, you can easily reach several crores figures in your account.

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