[101%PROOF] Secret tips to always win in ludo king | top 5 tips and tricks

how to win ludo king every time
how to win ludo king every time

You are welcome.Where we will tell you how you can win every time in the Ludo King game. Here we have given you 5 sicret tips that work in all Ludo games.If you follow these tips then you will never lose.

how to win ludo king every time 2020

Follow this step to win every time
Some ludo king strategies to play well.

1.Always come at number 6, your piece will come out and not run any other piece.

If your all piece is out, then you run your piece ahead which is ahead.

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2.If you are near or behind your opponent's house, do not drive him away.

If you do this, your opponent can kill you from behind

how to win ludo king every time
how to win ludo king every time

  • To avoid this, whites 6 on your dice.  And only when 6 arrives, should you raise your peace.

What will happen is that when you run your piece further, you get another chance to play the game. This will leave you far away from your opponent's house.

This is most important Tips of ludo king that work 100%

3.Keep your piece safe forever.

Like placing it in the star, in the house of others.

Nobody can kill you here.

  • If there is no one behind you, then you do not need to keep it in the star. You can move it forward instead of keeping it safe.

4.If you want as much as the game, then take care to save your piece and move on instead of killing others.

5.There is no trick to bring 6 every time on dice. But play keeping in mind the observations below. The information is discovered by observing many games.

Tuch dice like this

  1. 1-2 second you will get - not fix
  2. 1-5 second you will get -3,5,6 chance 80%
  3. 5-10 second you will get - 1,2. Chance 60 %
  4. 10-more second you will get - 4,6 chance 85%

how to dice works in game

How dice work in game
How dice work in game 

Nobody knows how that dice works in the game. How many numbers will come on the dice is not fixed.no body can understand ludo king algorithm.

It's work randomly

But by observing the game, it is revealed that you click on the dice and show you the number on the dice according to its timing.

Which we have shown you above.you can see this.

Here we show some tecnics and tricks to play ludo well and win all time game.

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