Know is garena free fire offline

is garena free fire game offline

is garena free fire offline
is garena free fire offline

Let me tell you that Gerena is free fire offline game online.  Because in this game everybody plays from different place, so do not keep free fire game offline

It is not possible to play this game offline because it is all player porn and all the people play games together in their phones:

 You stayed with us, we have told you the trick how you can play freefire offline.

 All players are far away here, so it is necessary to have an internet connection: If there is a Gem of a mini militia, then maybe we can play by doing such offline hotspots.

 If you want to play the page offline then you can play it.

How to play ff ofline
How to play ff ofline

Follow step

  1. Go play store
  2. Serch game
  3. Go on try butten
  4. Play game 

esmen aapko starting men sirph 1 yaa 2 mb net lagegaa phir aap ese auphlaaen khel paaange।

Also check : ff stylish nickname

Some questions aks by game player

How many MB is Garena free fire?

Ans. abhi gerenaa phri phaayaar 534 MB hai।

aye size hamne aapko abhi ke haal hike naaa updated gem ki size bataai hai।

Is Garena free fire safe?

Ans. haa । ye gem phul safe hai । kyon ki ye khel kaaphi log Facebook se saath jodakar khelte hai । esse devalapar ne pleyar ki details sekyor rahe es lia achchhaa sistam banaayaa hai।

laakho log aaa khel khelte hai aur sabhi log safe hai।

Which came first PUBG or free fire?

Ans. haa phriphaayar gem pubg ke pahle play store men aai thi । esalia phri phaayar pubg se pahle aai hai।

About game

How many types of match in game

Here we get to see a lot of matches:  Such as a rancid match, tim death match.
Practice mod or traning mod
Practice mod or traning mod
Hope you have found the answers to your questions.  If you have any other question, then write your question in the comment box below.

 You will get only 30-60 minutes of your reply in your Gmail or in WhatsApp.


yahaan hamne phri phaayar gem ke rileted kayi saare savaaloke javaab dekhe aur saath saath jaanaa ki ham phriphaayar gem kyon auphlaaen nahin khel sakte।

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