Why Garena Free Fire not as popular as PUBG mobile?

Why Garena Free Fire not as popular as PUBG mobile?

Why gerena free fire not popular as pubg
Why gerena free fire not popular as pubg

Know some major factor why free fire not popular as pubg mobile and find which game is better pubg or free fire gerena.

Major points on free fire vs pubg

There is some information according to date March 2020.it will be charge.

 1.  DOWNLOADs - Many sites give a lot of different - different numbers of downloads of both the battle royals so we won't go for any of the sites, we just compare.  of players rating Free Fire & PUBG.
here we got that FREE FIRE has more numbers of ratings to that of PUBG!  Chat Lounge  Now 
You know that it 's rating, not downloads but guyz listen if the difference between the numbers were small then we can understand that it may be that the lesser number of players rated PUBG.

 but the number is comparatively approximate - "11  General Chat Chat Lounge  MILLION "Which is a very big number in Indian Language it 's 1 crore 10 Lakhs means - 1, 10, 00, 000.

so by this estimation we got that FREE FIRE Leads: 2. POPULARITY - By point" 1 " 

We clearly got  That free fire has more players so again you'll think that's why FREE FIRE is not such a trendy answer that FREE FIRE is its huge market in Brazil, Indonesia.

 whereas PUBG has India and China

 Some other positions

 - graphic details (textures, shadows, building structures, skin details, terrain detailing)

 - Trendsetter (Pubg  Garena took inspiration from it - Communities (popular players and the game itself has created a vast community of engaged and loyal players)

 - History (Pubg's pc version was majorly popular before)  The mobile version release therefore paved it for a smooth road to Pubg Mobile's Success) No doubt Garena freefire is pretty good game but yeah Pubg is just better:)

All this two game is multiplayer game.

Is PUBG better than Free Fire?

Pubg better than free fire
Pubg better than free fire
Yes,pubg is better than free fire because of it's popularity and best real graphics.

But download of free fire is more than pubg mobile.it means active free fire player is more than pubg player.

Why is the PUBG game famous more than Free Fire?

Because of game graphics.it's look like real world.winner winner chicken dinner is most popular slogan in game.

It is different types of shooting game.

Is Garena Free Fire better than PUBG Mobile?

It's dipped on game player. because some people like ff and some people like pubg mobile.

Download of Free fire is more than pubg install

Other reason is game size and mobile ram support.

Pubg can not supporting in all divice.it supporting in 2 GB ram phone

Conclusion :
Here we show some questions about pubg and freefire game and know which game is more popular and best.

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  1. Well Free Fire is good but the graphics of PUBG mobile is far good than Free Fire. But PUBG mobile lags little bit which makes Free Fire ahead to it.


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