Know some fact about free fire | How do I always win in Free Fire?

Here we have given you the answer of many related question of freefire and told that how we always win the game.know, is free fire coppy of pubg game.find your question.

How do I always win in Free Fire?

Follow this 10 most important step to Always win.

All ways win game
All ways win game

1. First Lending
-  choose The right place to land. In the place where less player come and get more loot.

- you should stay away from local where firing starts from Start.

 -  like Clock Tower, pick

 2. All ways try to open parachute automatically.

 So that you will reach your choice location in a short time.

 3. Always carry short gun and sniper while loot.

 - This will allow you to hit low range and kill the player away from the sniper.

 4. Use granade in fighting.

 5. Stay away from the car.

 - What happens in this is that when the car hits you, you kill directly and you do not get any protection from you.

 6. Always use the car in these things.

 - to kill others
 - To get into the safe zone
 - To quickly move from one place to another

 7. Never let your health kit end.

 8. Hit the enemy with the cover, so that you will reduce the damage.

 8. Changed your location after killing someone.

 9. Do not miss a single short while using a sniper.
 - Take as many perfect shots as possible.
 - kill the enemy in one turn.
 - Wait for the perfect short.

 10. Use pan
 - If someone is shoot you from far away then you keep pan behind and
ran on the other side.

 - With this, all the bullets will hit the pan.
 - dont use pan in short range

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If you follow these 10 steps then you will never lose in this game.

How can I win a chicken dinner in Free Fire ?

Look, when we win in pubg, we get chicken dinner and when we win in free fire, it is called booyah.

Chicken dinner in ff
Chicken dinner in ff

You have to kill all the enemies playing with other player.

In this you have to play with 50 players.

 In which you have to kill the front while remaining alive and stay alive till the end.

 If you kill the last enemy, you will have chicken dinner.Which you can also call booyah.

Above always tell you 10 important steps to make chicken dinner or booha. You can always win by following it.

How many bots in free fire ?

First you have to understand what is the player bot
Bots in game
Bots in game

  • it is not a real player like us
  • it's put by game automatically.
  • Those who help newcomers to practice.
  • It takes a lot of time to kill you.
  • Bots reduce the loading time of the server.

number of these bots is not fixed in the game. Sometimes more or less.

You get to see the bots in all the Battle Royal games.

You can increase your kill by killing them.

Check this : unban account

How to identify bots?

When Bots fire,they slowly release the bullet and if bots firing on you,your helth loss is very low.

If you shoot bots, they will run away from you slowly.

Is Free Fire banned in India?

Right answer is "NO"

Is ff ban in India
Is ff ban in India
But why?

There are two main reasons for this.

1. Most players of Free fire are in India only.

Therefore, A game cannot be banned in India.

2. The developer of this game has developed a strong system that can catch hackers comfortably.
 - Its security system is better than pubg.
 - In this, the hacker's device becomes ban and he can never play the game in his device.

is garena free fire copy of pubg?

Right answer is "NO"

Know why FREE FIRE is not COPPY of PUBG. 4 facts

Is freefire copy of pubg
Is freefire copy of pubg
  1. The free fire game came first playstore.
  2. The graphic of these two games is very different.
  3.  PUBG full is a reality base game.
  4. While FF is different,it uses many imaginary things that are liked by all players.
But now pubg is more popular than ff.but why know the real fact.

Can car hit you on free fire ?


car can hit you in this game.

Can car hit in this game
Can car hit in this game

When the car is in high speed, it can hit you and kill you.

That's why most of the players always use car to kill the other player. In this you do not have much damage and you can go to all places comfortably.

If you follow these 3 steps, you will never be killed by a car in the game

1. Always play with your eyer phone.

    - With this you will hear the sound of car from a distance.

2. Find a cover

    - Due to being covered, the car will not be able to hit you.

3. Fire on the car when she is going away from you.

So keep in mind these 3 step. Never again a car can kill you.

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Here we answered a number of  questions. Here we see pubg and free fire related questions, how did we all ways win the game and which game is the copy of.  Along with this, we also learned about bots Players.


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