Best top 5 tips and tricks for gerena freefire battleground

Best top 5 tips and tricks for gerena freefire battleground

How to loot 
how to loot enemy
how to loot enemy

First let me tell you my mistake what you do.  Whenever you kill a man, you die directly from his comfort.

 But after killing, they learn how to rob him.

 Secondly, how you rob the enemy also matters.

 Do you sit and rob like this or do you occasionally rob in the open.  By doing this the enemy in front of you will comfortably die from elsewhere.

 Always keep moving while robbing you, so enemies will not be able to target you.  You should always keep going round.  You can see in the image below.

 You should always rob someone and go to another place immediately.  With this, other people who have seen your location map will not be able to find you.

Don't do straight rush

 Normally, when you go to kill the enemy in front, you go straight to kill.  You will always have a headshort like this.

 To avoid this, you have to run in the cross, the bullet in front of you will die, but you will not get the bullet and health will not work much.  Doing this gives you more time to kill each other.

 If the enemy in front of you is mine, now it is your turn to kill him, but you always take cover, never leave him your cover and do not go firing in the open.

 This will do two things, one that the person you are killing will kill you.  If you survive, someone else will kill you.

 Use pan

 Pan is a very useful tool.  Whenever you played in the range, you played the way shown in the image below.

 When you were shot, you ran away with the gun in your hand and held back.  The bullet you will feel will be placed on the automatic pen.  Due to which your health will not work at all.

 Pan does not work in the range of work range.  A is used only in the far range.  So do not use this trick in short range.  This can cause heavy damage to you.

 If you want information about the best auto headshot, then you can read the entire information by clicking on the link given here.

 Here we have told you how to best auto headshot by simple way.  That is a glitch that is still going on through which you can increase the kill.

 If you do not understand anything from this, you can ask below.

 See your helth always

Whenever an enemy kills you, your health will work.  In such a situation, if you go to kill from the front, then that work will do all your work in the bullet.

 You have to wait a while and you have to try health full karane ka.  You always fought with the same person by doing full helth.  Whenever you have health work, you immediately increase your health.

 Always carry an extra health kit with you.

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Use car in all place

 The car should always be used to avoid Saif.  Also, use the car to kill the anime.

 If you use a car, the enemy in front will not be able to hold you properly.

 He won't even know when you killed him.  Only one short of the car is enough to kill the enemy in front.

 If you get shot during this time and your health works, then you can increase your health comfortably.

Surprise attacke

 If you know the location of the anime key, then you do not immediately go from the front.  VAT your correct timing, attack it from behind.

The image shows how we have to kill the enemy suddenly.  By this, until he comes to know that we have attacked him, then we kill him.

 If he gets to know your location, then you change your location immediately.

 The biggest pro players only use it.  If you have seen any of your pro players playing, then you will find one thing that people die from all different places.

 The one who gets the front confuses and dies instantly.

 If he survives your attack, then you have to wait a bit, he will come from the front to kill you.  Now you can comfortably car him because one of his health will be done and the other one will come to kill you in a hurry.

 This will cause the front anime to pile up comfortably.

 If you use all the methods mentioned above, then you will win every time because every method is used by all pro players every day.

 Final thought

  •  We have seen how you can booyah early to use these tips and tricks in gerena freefire.  Such as the use of pan's constant, how to loot and use of car in game.


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