Who is best character in free fire ?

best character in free fire

best character in free fire
best character in free fire

Know which character is best in free fire and play with best character in freefire game.know character power

Below are the best Earth Fire characters, voted and reported by a lot of Earth Fire players.  There are different abilities of the characters, which are considered to be the best virtuous and useful in this action-adventure game:

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Misha freefire character
Misha freefire character

Do you like misha in free fire ? If you like Misha then you should know about misha free fire game.
Misha is best female playe freefire game.

She has very good power, which you will not know, say you.

 If you are on the verge, tell me below.

 So let's know about some Misha Free Fire how they are different from Roro.  So let's see

 Kalangata says that Meena Garna is the most beautiful and quietest character in the page, shown through her outfits:.  Misha has a strong personality, and she loves adventure:.  Post combustion is the unique ability of this young girl:.  Meesha is an outstanding character in the fight for survival:  In this page fire best character players have 8000 coins or 79 diamonds.

 For this like misha in free fire game and you?

 Art free fire

 What to talk about Kala free fire? Kala is a player in a free fire who has the space power of amo difference.

 The unique ability of art is Muay Thai:.  His strength is expressed through his five:.

 His fist damage increased by 400% on Sunday.  When he is unarmed, he can still harm the enemy:.  In order to unlock Art Free Fire, you have to give 6000 coins or 79 diamonds:

 I like art very much.

 Do you like a player

 Mujhe ai liked that its firing up power is better than other people. The cla is still raging in the free fire. So you too go and make a splash.


 This young man is brother of Misha:  He looks like a young and good-natured schoolboy:  He has a unique ability of gluttony.  The price of this character is from 4000 coins or 79 diamonds:


 Don't be fooled by his charming appearance.  Nikita is a Firestar specialist who specializes in using machine guns.  This character is an excellent bank guard, an ideal choice for small combs:  To check Nikita, you pay 6000 gold or 79 diamonds.


 Andrew is an experienced former policeman.  Armor Special is the unique ability of this character that is 2% more than the default characters of his armor endurance:.  When you upgrade this character to the maximum level it increases by 10%:.  This specific ability allows Andrew to play as a tanker and increase his chances of surviving the battle:.  The value of this character is not from any coin or coin:

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Default Free Fire Characters


Along with Edam, Diva is also a default character open to beginners:  Like Edam, Viva lacks her unique abilities and exclusive attire:.  Tow, you can change their skin color and clothes as per their choice.  You can see some page fire character images below.


 Olivia is a nurse, an essential character in squad mode:  With the unique ability of moving touches, Olivia is a great source of HP in your team:.  He can quickly revive his comrades on battle:.  At the default level, she can revive other players with more than 4, and at the maximum level, this HP will be more than 30 HP.  The team that belongs to your Olivia:  The price of this character is 39 diamonds or 4000 gold.


 Aadam Page is the male opening character in Fire Battleground:  He is the first male character for players at the beginning of the game:  Edam does not have any unique skills or specific organization:.  However, players can change the Adam's outfit and skin tone.

 Lost Onion of Rafael Khozne, his close friend.  To check this character, you have to pay 499 Hire.

Get back lost account


 Hayato is a Bushido who was born on 21 March and lunched on 20 March 2019.  His unique ability is also Bushido.  In order to launch this character.


free fire moco is one of the best player in game moco can run fast then other.main roal of moco in free fire is play harder.
Kya aapko are character pasand he.
Agar ha to kyu vo comment me bataae.
Moco freefire player
Moco freefire player

Moko is a super-intelligent and undercover hacker with ability:.  She was born on 13 February and officially luncheon on 22 January, 2019.  The prices of this hacker are 79 pieces and 6,000 coins.

 C ff player har


 In the story, Antonio is a gangster who had a close relationship with Paloma in the past.  Antonio's character was born on August 1 and was lunched on May 12, 2014.  He joins this adventure to escape the seven-year confinement:.  The price of this character is 79 hire and 4000 coins.

 F best character

 The best firearm with racing ability.  He has a great speed that allows him to move faster than other players in the default level:.  When kelly is upgraded to maximum level, it is 5% faster than normal:.  With this ability, HP, a poisonous assassin on the battlefield, makes it even harder for the enemy to shoot Keli.  Keep in mind that out of all the characters in the earth fire, this girl moves the fastest.

 The Year-Old Girl joined the group of characters on October 14, 2016.  His ability is agility:.  To check this character Leia, the players give 79 Hire and 4000 coins.

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Purchasable Free Fire Characters

You can buy character by using Diamonds.

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Here we know about freefire character or player.i hope you like this player information.if you like free fire comment which character you like most.


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